Sengiggi beach: where Jesse got bored and cut off his beard

We were tired and covered in dust after a quick and dirty tour of Rinjani. Luckily we had a relaxing 5 days with nothing to do but enjoy the beach and get massages at Jeeva Klui Resort on the northwest coast of the island. However, we discovered Jesse is only able to tolerate utter relaxation for about a day before he gets bored, so we ended up having to improvise some activities.

First order of business was getting clean.We didn’t take our socks off once during the trek, so not sure how Jesse’s feet got so disgusting.
But his feet were cleaner than the parts not tightly covered by fabric.The first evening we were perfectly content to just lie around and do nothing…
We idled around in the ocean (there was a reef extending far out from the beach)…And enjoyed the idyllic surroundings.After less than 24 hours of peace and quiet, Jesse was bored and restless for something to do. We booked a reef fishing trip, and got picked up on the beach by a colorful outrigger.Our two guides quickly set about catching all sorts of reef fish, with just a hand line.However, we went biteless for most of the time with a couple exceptions.First, a very exciting battle with what our guides said was probably a lemon shark. It pulled very hard and put up quite a fight, but eventually made off with the bait a free fish (the person pictured below is actually Jen and not a bald man).near the end of the morning Jesse finally felt a pull…Turns out he hooked this lovely piece of coral.Looking for more variety, we were offered the option to transfer the last half of our stay to Jeeva Klui’s new offshoot, Jeeva Beloam Beach Camp, a small Ecoresort on the southeast most part of the island, a 3 hour drive down some rough bumpy roads. Variety is the spice of life, so we signed up for the transfer.

Since at the next place the sun would be setting behind us, we made the most of the spectacular ocean sunsets from our current beach. As the sun descends over the Indian Ocean…It hits the slopes of Bali’s Mount Anung…setting behind it and bringing the volcano’s outline into glowing relief.To mark the end of the trekking portion of our trip, and because he is intolerant of inactivity and ran out of other things with which to occupy himself, Jesse finally began contemplating shaving his beard off.I had suggested updating the facial hair for a few weeks now, but Jesse felt the beard was both protective against the elements and good luck. I was therefore eager to see the lower half of Jesse’s face again when he finally said it was time to shave. He disappeared into the bathroom for a good hour, and emerged looking like this:“An idle mind is the devil’s workshop” I guess. On to Beloam Beach camp!


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