In Brazza

The subdued finale to our great Congo adventure was an activity-free day in Brazzaville. However, it is well known, one can indulge in only so much introspection. So we improvised. … More In Brazza

Kingo of the Jungle

Although we’ve really enjoyed all of our time in Congo, it feels in a way that all the travel, the wildlife viewing from a distance, and camping in the jungle has all built towards a finale of gorilla trekking. These up close and intimate encounters were like nothing I’ve ever experienced. Jesse and I discussed … More Kingo of the Jungle

Gorillas in our midst

In order to study gorillas, researchers need to be close to them. Habituating gorillas involves following them nearly daily for many years to get them used to humans. It is the tireless work of many dedicated scientists and Ba’aka trackers. Habituated gorillas are still wild animals. They are just used to people being nearby. There … More Gorillas in our midst

Welcome to the jungle

Since our last post, Congo: Are we crazy?, we have returned from what felt like one of the most remote places in the world (maybe it is). We emerged from the jungle – bruised, bitten, soggy, and scraped – but happy, feeling good, and awed by the wildlife of Nouable Ndoki. It was refreshing to be totally disconnected … More Welcome to the jungle

Congo: Are we crazy?

When we tell people about our trip, the conversation rarely makes it past our second destination – Congo.  The reactions generally fall into three categories. 1. They’ve never heard of it – so why would anyone go there. 2. Those who know of it are shocked by our hubris – the heart of darkness, blood … More Congo: Are we crazy?