how to pack for 60 days in one carry-on bag

Yup, we are going to try to circumnavigate the globe without checking any bags.

The biggest problem is that we are going to multiple different environments: we will be visting very hot places (Dubai), trekking in high altitude coldness (Kilimanjaro, India), lazing on beaches (Indonesia, Tonga), and being fancy in cities (Hong Kong, Singapore) … More how to pack for 60 days in one carry-on bag

How did we get here?

These things don’t happen overnight.

There has been a significant preamble up to this undertaking. The potential energy captured over the last few months, maybe years, decades even, will soon be released in a kinetic burst … as we empty our pockets, clear security, wait patiently for our group number, and eventually trudge aboard that CRJ-700 to Dulles. … More How did we get here?